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*2023-2024 SIGNED

*16/16 LWJ players have found their fit 

  • Braden Capser, Flathead (Whitworth) Football

  • Gio Horner, Loyola Sacred Heart (Willamette) Basketball

  • Jace Hill, Columbia Falls (Miles City Community College) Basketball

  • Shilo Lampi, Stevensville (Rocky) Basketball

  • Emily McElmurry, Sentinel (Eastern Washington) Basketball

  • Gracie Millimen, Manhattan (Carroll College) Basketball

  • Dymon Root, East Helena (Providence) Basketball

  • Delaney Wagner, Drummond (Rocky) Volleyball


*2022-2023 SIGNED

  • Tia Dees, Nashua (Dickinson State) Basketball

  • Olivia Huntsinger, Sentinel (Central Washington) Basketball

  • Eli Hunter, Gallatin (Providence) Basketball

  • Isabella Morris, Jefferson (Rocky MTN College) Basketball

  • Maddy Moy, Flathead (Western) Basketball

  • Dasani Nesbit, Medicine Lake (Williston) Basketball

  • Cole Olson, Stevensville (Midland College) Football

  • Maddy Petrino, Hellgate (Boise State) Academic

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