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"Hard Work Yields Opportunity"

My passion has become my full-time job. LJW Productions and Recruiting Consulting offer comprehensive recruiting consulting & film services. We provide your student with hands-on, customized support during their college recruitment journey. We understand what college coaches are looking for and educate your student on the best practices to build relationships and stand out. With our expert knowledge, we will help every step of the way, so they can maximize their chances of finding their perfect fit, by relieving much of the stress and effort of this process from you. We help your student stay on task so you don’t have to.  

Our customized services include video editing and evaluation* (*only volleyball/basketball), custom relationship building & marketing packages, social media/relationship management education, support during college visits/phone calls, plus custom graphics for on and off-season promotion and more. All are tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual student-athletes journey. 

Let's get started on helping your student-athlete reach their goals!

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